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ETH Zurich

Global Atmospheric Circulation and Climate, Spring 2024 [Course Webpage]

This course covers the general circulation of the atmosphere and its role in climate. This includes the phenomenology and mechanistic underpinnings of the Hadley circulation, jet stream, storm tracks, monsoons, El Niño, teleconnections, and cloud feedbacks. Fundamental concepts are introduced and then applied to understand circulation changes due to climate variability and greenhouse gas forcing.

University of Washington

(Webpages no longer active, please contact me for course material)

Atmospheric Motions II, Winter 2022

This course surveys the dynamics of synoptic and mesoscale disturbances including extratropical cyclones, inertia-gravity waves, and topographically forced flows. It focuses in particular on the dynamics of extratropical synoptic-scale systems, where the horizontal motions are approximately geostrophic. Insight into the dynamics of these features is gained through systematic simplification of the governing equations applied to idealized, but realistic, approximations of atmospheric structure. The final portion of the course examines the importance of synoptic-scale phenomenon for understanding the general circulation of the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Radiative Transfer, Spring 2021

This course provides an introduction to the principles of atmospheric radiation and their applications, following the textbook "A First Course in Atmospheric Radiation" by Grant Petty.