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Climate Dynamics Group at ETH Zurich

Using a combination of climate modeling, physics-based theoretical understanding, and data science methods, our group pursues research on a broad range of topics in climate science such as: (i) tropical sea-surface temperature pattern and atmospheric circulation responses to external forcing on various timescales, (ii) the influence of mesoscale and convective-scale processes on large-scale climate dynamics, (iii) mechanisms and predictability of earth system variability on interannual and longer timescales, and (iv) persistent atmospheric circulation anomalies and their role in extreme weather. These research topics are part of a broader mission to understand how global climate change manifests at the regional scale, in order to better contextualize extreme weather events in the modern climate and help society prepare for regional climate trends in the coming decades.

There are no open Ph.D. or postdoc positions at this time. ETH master's and bachelor's students interested in doing a thesis in our group should reach out to Prof. Robert Jnglin Wills (r.jnglinwills@usys.ethz.ch).


Robert Jnglin Wills
Assistant Professor


Clarissa Kroll


Nora Fahrenbach
Ph.D. Student


Joas Müller
Ph.D. Student


Zhenghe Xuan
Ph.D. Student



Maren Höver
Master's Thesis 2024, ETH Zürich
Co-Advised with Nora Fahrenbach


Dylan Oldenburg
Ph.D. 2021, University of Washington
Co-Advised with Kyle Armour and LuAnne Thompson
Now Postdoc at WHOI [Webpage]

He Huang
Bachelor's Thesis 2021
Now Associate Researcher at International Council on Clean Transportation [Webpage]