Climate Scientist, ETH Zürich
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I am a climate scientist in the ETH Zürich Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science studying the physical basis of climate variability and climate change, especially the mechanisms governing changes in the large-scale circulations of the atmosphere and ocean. My background is in physics and I am broadly interested in understanding the complex interactions between the elements of the Earth system: the atmosphere, the ocean, the cryosphere, and the land surface. By understanding the physical processes controlling the spatial and temporal evolution of climate, I aim to improve our ability to predict climate change and its impacts, so that society can better prepare for the future. For more on my research, see the research and publications tabs.

Using a combination of climate modeling, physics-based theoretical understanding, and data science methods, the ETH Climate Dynamics group that I lead pursues research on a broad range of topics in climate science such as: patterns of sea-surface temperature response to forcing on various timescales and their influence on the atmospheric circulation, the influence of mesoscale and convective-scale processes on large-scale climate dynamics, mechanisms of earth system variability on interannual and longer timescales, and persistent atmospheric circulation anomalies and their role in extreme weather. See the group tab for details on any open positions.

My passion for earth science is part of a broader interest in learning about, teaching about, and experiencing the complexities of the earth system. I also enjoy documenting beautiful landscapes from around the world with my photography.


Robert Jnglin Wills


Assistant Professor
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
Department of Environmental Systems Science
ETH Zürich

CHN P17.1
Universitätstrasse 16
8092 Zürich


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