Sebastian Sippel


Dr. Sebastian Sippel
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
CHN N 16.1
Universitätstrasse 16
8092 Zürich


Research Interests

I'm a PostDoc working on DASH - "DAta Science-informed attribution of changes in the Hydrologic cycle". The main research idea is to improve our understanding of the water cycle, and hence the detection and attribution of water cycle variables, by using data science methods guided by physical understanding. DASH is a joint project between the Climate Physics Group at IAC (Prof. Reto Knutti), the Seminar of Statistics (Prof. Nicolai Meinshausen) and the Swiss Data Science Centre.

A very brief summary of my research interests:


Introduction to Statistical Learning for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (28.-29.08.2018, jointly with L. Gudmundsson):