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Harald Sodemann

Geophysical Institute
University of Bergen
Allegaten 70
5007 Bergen

E-mail: harald.sodemann (at) uib.no

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11 October 2017
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Harald Sodemann's home page (outdated)


sub-tropical moisture transport to Norway
This is my personal homepage updated until 2014 when I moved to the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway. I am in the process of moving this page to my new University. Under the tab "Research" I describe some examples of my work interests with corresponding references.

Also at GFI in Bergen, one of my major interests is on gaining a better understanding of the physical processes in the atmospheric branch of the hydological cycle. Further research interest includes also atmospheric transport processes and the representation of physical processes in numerical weather prediction models.

Much of my work is related to understanding atmospheric water transport in the troposphere. The source regions of precipitation and water vapour are an important ingredient of precipitation extremes. But they are also key for understanding many archives of the past climate, such as ice cores and stalagmites. Taking a weather systems perspective, my aim is to understand how individual weather events form such climatic information.

Research topics

  • Evaporation sources and atmospheric transport of water vapour »...
  • Atmospheric transport processes of trace gases and aerosols»...
  • Inter-annual variability of stable isotopes in precipitation»...
  • Export of dust from the Sahara desert »...
  • Energy fluxes in high-latitude stable boundary layers »...

Further topics

  • Developing software»...
  • Scientific writing »...

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Research topics
Water vapour
Water vapour
Atmospheric transport
Atmospheric transport
Stable isotopes
Stable isotopes
Mineral dust
Desert dust
Stable boundary layers
Stable boundary layer