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Archive contains 658146 files using 126 TB (Sun Mar 18 12:00:02 CET 2018)

List of files with corresponding MD5 checksum: files.txt
List of files that have been removed from our archive: removed_files.txt
Please let me know, if you think that files were removed from our archive by mistake.
Information about the CMIP5 AR5 WG1 snapshot can be found here.

The following tables are showing the number of available ensembles:

The following tables are showing the number of netCDF files downloaded:

For CMIP5 data issues see the official CMIP5 Errata webpage of PCMDI.
More information about variables see standard_output.xls and CMIP5 - Modeling Info - Producing Model Output.

Most of the files in our archive were downloaded with the help of synda tool developed by IPSL.

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