'Towards a molecular-level understanding of atmospheric aerosols'

Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland • August 31 - September 5, 2014.

Conference Scope

Environmental quality and climate change are major challenges society face today globally, with current and potential impacts in the near and distant future. Fundamental understanding of atmospheric processes is needed to understand and predict the future climate. A key player influencing these processes are atmospheric aerosol particles.

It became evident over the last years that there are numerous problems in our understanding of aerosols in a broad range of applied disciplines that needs to be addressed through fundamental laboratory or modeling studies in physical chemistry/chemical physics on a molecular level. To name a few, these include the formation of new aerosol particles from gaseous precursors and the initial growth of these particles, the role of aerosol particles serving as ice nuclei for high altitude clouds, the partitioning of molecules between gas- and particle phase, heterogeneous and multiphase chemistry including light initiated or mediated chemistry.

The conference will address these topics by bringing together senior scientists (approx. 25) and junior scientists (approx. 50) working in different fields in series of lectures and poster sessions.


The workshop participants on Friday, September 5th 2014.

Monte Verità, Ascona